Annex I Annex II Annex III More Multisupport school correspondence in: the New Educator records PEMF for teachers review teaching Principles> communication> correspondence in September 1988 match, a vital necessity for the class correspondence and cooperative classroom organization the "traditional" media correspondence • the class to class correspondence • L exchange of academic journals • the natural correspondence • maternal matched • correspondence and child in difficulty • the correspondence in the second degree • international • international correspondence mail Esperanto new media correspondence • from the correspondence natural telematics correspondence • Correspondence and telematics • Correspondence and Video Tips Author Site Exchanges and Communication Read more 1 result Results Experiences In: The Educator For teachers teaching journal Principles> Communication> educational school newspaper techniques> What's new? June 1983 Authors: J. Fonmarty and Josette Pomes More 10 Results aspects of the cooperative class (Part 2) In: The New Educator PEMF materials for teachers review pedagogical principles> co> co classroom teaching principles> cooperation in April 1989 Document New Educator No. 205 CONTENTS Authors: Francoise Thebaudin Jean -Louis Maudrin and Patrice Buxeda more practical for success in: the New Educator PEMF materials for teachers review educational principles> term-creation pedagogical techniques> evaluation> successful teaching techniques> class organization teaching techniques> What's new ? March 1989 As an introduction • School Chess and cooperative learning • Which tools for which children? - Sad evidence - Transforming attitudes - motivate - Consider becoming social - Learning to learn • The free artistic expression in our quest for success in school. - pessimism - The artistic free expression. Why ? How? - A freely chosen phrase - a choice motivated - an indispensable aid - Simple techniques • Value and culture of the word during the interview in the morning - Censorship - Horror! - Sensations - Questions • Conclusions of school failure ... to success - Children devalued - Strategies for Success This file was produced from the coordination work of Marie-France Adenier Annie Troncy Jacqueline Besnais Marie-Claire Goulian, Jacques Querry, Anne-Marie Maubert, Didier and Eric Debarbieux Mujica (ICEM Collective) Authors: Anne-Marie Maubert Annie Troncy Didier Mujica, helping with homework online
Eric Debarbieux Jacqueline Benais, Jacques Querry, Marie- Claire Goulian and Marie-France Adenier more Shelter in the class in: Company> violence the New Educator records PEMF for teachers journal Education and research> research teaching Techniques> class organization> life of the class in November 1989 document New Educator No. 210 CONTENTS Authors: Eric Debarbieux Maryvonne Charles and Serge Jaquet more pedagogy of history in: the New Educator PEMF Po papers ur review teachers History Geo> History September 1989 Document New Educator No. 208 CONTENTS Authors: Claude Defer, Jean-Francois Planchet, Jean-Pierre Executioner, Marie-France Puthod and Patrice Boufflers Read more The contested modesty In: The new Educator records PEMF for teachers review educational principles> rights of the child in June 1989 A distress left for true story account Marie-Julie facts the subtleties of regulatory instructions Otherwise ... is this possible? From kindergarten to university conclusion Authors: Claude and Michel Guihaume Cottereau More Monographs In: The New Educator records PEMF For teachers journal Education and Research> Knowledge of children> monograph December 1989 The teachers speak Dolto . Fernand Oury engineer and lichen. Rene Laffitte Christine, death and choice of text. Patrice Buxeda Christian, cleanliness and currency. Jaumeta Arribaud The native crafts, saw the board. Helen Gourdouze Authors: Fernand Oury Helene Gourdouze, Jaumeta Arribaud Patrice Buxeda and Rene Laffitte More pedagogies of the Revolution - Revolutions of Pedagogy In: The New Educator PEMF materials for teachers review Movements> history of education in February 1989 First part: pedagogies of the Revolution instruct or teach literacy and school crumbled the failure of the first Republic education: party, primary school children of the great instruction: make popular reason the trial of education without A citizen's childhood second French Revolution Three crises in twenty years part Revolutions Marier teaching the free expression of technical intelligence mutual education or early school-barracks the school newspaper, the victim of Disneymania Author Roger Ueberschlag more aspects of the cooperative in class: the New Educator PEMF Po papers ur teachers review educational principles> co> Cooperative Educational Principles class> cooperation January 1989 Speech from the group through the free text They are restless, we can not hold them. Some days, you would think the "possessed". What stirred? What does i1 happening? Free texts might inquire: child's voice or speech of the group? In his elementary school Mireille Le Foll tries to hear. Fric Story Martine Boncourt decides to introduce domestic currency in its class. Cautious but determined, however, she observes and narrates. The text, published in Educational Papers November 87 was developed cooperatively in training Genesis of the coop 1987 in Aix-en-Provence. A history of flight A flight in a cooperative classroom is always serious: it questions the word, the power and the feeling of safety in the group. Francoise Thebaudin experienced it. This flight story appeared in the book by Bernard Defrance: "Violence in schools". Syros editor. The opinion of the cooperative It seems natural that parents and teachers give their opinion on the behavior of children. And if small cooperative had also something to say? Their advice to give? But how to do it ? Fernand Oury proposes a small institution that gives voice to children. Christopher or "From the jungle to the law," Jean-Claude Colson arrives at school a tough urban neighborhood. Children have more pins. Some no longer seems i1 parents. Christopher, eleven, CM2, will be facing the institutions of a cooperative class. It does not go smoothly! The caravan goes Patrice Mouton arrives at a new school, in rural areas. How to introduce Freinet technical and institutional pedagogy at the risk of upsetting more than a quarter century of educational conservatism? This text was developed cooperatively Workshop B of course Genesis of the July coop 87. A necessary utopia Fernand Oury had read in Le Monde in 1984, an article by Charles Vial: "Minister in the teachers' . This article prompted him then to make a few remarks. Is not it still relevant? You will judge ... Authors: Fernand Oury, Francoise Thebaudin Jean-Claude Colson, Martine Boncourt, Mireille Le Foll and Patrice Mouton More Flee, merge, mugged in: Company> The New Violence Educator PEMF materials for teachers book , brochure May 1989 Opening: Down with the donkey by Eric Debarbieux .................................... p . 1 Tony, escape by Bruno Schilliger .................................... p. 3 Kadijah or the cult of appearance by Monique Meric ...................................... p. 9 Fuir, merge, attack, a theoretical recovery by Eric Debarbieux .................................... p . 17 Authors: Bruno Schilliger Eric Debarbieux and Monique Meric More Job individualized In: The New Educator records PEMF For teachers book, pamphlet teaching techniques> autonomy teaching techniques> individualized work in October 1989 The New Educator Documents 209 number Supplement 12 October 89 individualized Labor Read more 1 result Results The computer at school In: The Educator For teachers review educational principles> Communications> ICT> IT June 1983 Author: J. -P.